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The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria


Client: The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria


Communications Challenge

Perceptions of corruption and the difficulties of doing business in Nigeria were hampering efforts by the Nigerian Senate to implement a reform programme and attract greater foreign investment to support the diversification of the Nigerian economy. 


Aequitas Strategy

To support and demonstrate the substantial efforts being undertaken, Aequitas worked with the Senate to launch the Transparency and Delivery Commission, an independent enquiry to review and improve the oversight systems and tools of the Senate. Aequitas also ensured that representatives of the Senate had a seat at the table on international negotiations taking place in London to agree a new set of global anti-corruption measures, and advised the Senate on launching an investment portal to showcase the opportunities for foreign businesses that Nigeria offered. 


What we did 

Aequitas used the negotiations taking place in London to secure prominent media coverage for representatives of the Nigerian Senate to call on the UK to play its part in addressing global corruption, and to outline the reform activities of the Nigerian Senate. Aequitas secured broadcast media coverage across the BBC, Sky News and Channel 4 News over the course of a 24 hour news cycle.